We understand the importance of connecting with our end consumers by understanding their needs, and ultimately delivering the right products to them for the right occasions and the optimal value proposition. We strive to achieve this by developing brand value, expanding our significant distribution capabilities, and improving the efficiency of our operations while aiming to reach our full potential. We continue to improve our information gathering and processing systems in order to better know and understand what our consumers want and need, and we are improving our production and distribution by more efficiently leveraging our asset base.

Our objective is to generate economic and social value through our companies and institutions.

We believe that the competencies that our businesses have developed can be replicated in other geographic regions. This underlying principle guides our consolidation and growth efforts, which have led to our current continental footprint. We currently operate in Mexico, Central, South America and in the United States, including some of the most populous metropolitan areas in Latin America—which provides us with opportunities to create value through both an improved ability to execute our strategies in both complex and developed markets. We have also increased our capabilities to operate and succeed in other geographic regions by improving management skills to obtain a precise understanding of local consumer needs. Going forward, we intend to use those capabilities to continue our expansion, both geographically and within our current business verticals, such as non-alcoholic beverages, small box retail, distribution and logistics, and other ancillary businesses, as well as taking advantage of potential opportunities across our current markets to leverage our capability set.

Additionally, we are leveraging our businesses competitive advantages and strong market position to build innovative digital businesses in the financial services industry to address our customers and business partners financial needs, with an efficient and comprehensive value proposition. Moreover, through OXXO Premia we are developing OXXO´s first customer loyalty program that will allow us to further connect with our customers, while rewarding them for their loyalty and day-to-day consumption at OXXO, other FEMSA formats, and beyond.