Our objective is to generate economic and social value through our business units. We generate economic value by designing, building and scaling mass business models, which enables us to meet our customers’ daily needs in a distinguished and efficient manner. We generate social value by contributing to the improvement of the communities we serve through our actions, the comprehensive development of our employees, and the value proposals that generate well-being.

Everything we do across our three core businesses — retail, beverages and digital — is motivated and inspired by our commitments to our people, our community and our planet, underscored by strong governance practices.


Our strategic framework is comprised of six priorities:

  • Continued growth: We work to achieve balanced and sustainable growth by capitalizing on new and existing opportunities to create value within our core businesses. We have also increased our capabilities to operate and succeed in other geographic regions by improving management skills to obtain a precise understanding of local consumer needs. Going forward, we intend to use those capabilities to accelerate our expansion and maximize our value creation potential, focusing on our core businesses: retail, beverages and digital.
  • Going digital: We are harnessing the power of technology to increase our businesses' efficiency while also exploring new business opportunities through Digital@FEMSA. We are leveraging the competitive advantages and strong market position of our businesses to build innovative digital businesses in the financial services industry to address the financial needs of our customers and business partners, with an efficient and comprehensive value proposition. Additionally, we are developing and growing digitally-enabled loyalty initiatives leveraged on strategic partnerships and our businesses.
  • Think Global: Our mindset is global. We believe that the competencies that our businesses have developed can be replicated in other geographic regions. This underlying principle guides our consolidation and growth efforts, which have led to our current footprint. We currently operate in Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe and in the United States, including some of the most populous metropolitan areas in Latin America. Our global presence provides us with opportunities to create value through an improved ability to execute our strategies in complex and developed markets.
  • Rooted Sustainability: Sustainability is embedded in everything we do and it is central to the way we do business. Our strategic sustainability framework is composed of three pillars, supported by corporate governance best practices:
    • Our People: Our people’s well-being, dignified work and professional growth
    • Our Community: Development and well-being within the communities where we operate
    • Our Planet: Harmony with the environment and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Talent & Culture: Our people are integral to our business and their well-being is our highest priority. Our organizational culture is evolving, and we are finding new ways of working together collaboratively. We prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion within our corporate culture and hiring practices, including promoting the labor inclusion of minority groups and those in vulnerable situations.
  • Proactive Engagement with our Audiences: We aim to facilitate open, clear, proactive, transparent and tailored dialogues with all of our stakeholders, using accessible tools and mediums of engagement. This is essential to understanding internal and external expectations and concerns so we can respond accordingly, and, in turn, strengthen our levels of credibility and trust, more easily navigate challenges, identify new opportunities, and ultimately drive continuous improvement across our business.

Moreover, we are convinced that a robust corporate governance is vital to the responsible management and operation of our business, ensuring the accountability and alignment with our stakeholders to create long-term value through strong economic and social performance. Our governance structure is the foundation for our value creation. We aim to have the right leaders, teams, tools, policies and feedback mechanisms in place across the organization, with tiered levels of accountability. Our Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the company’s corporate strategy, and is supported by its committees that are focused on driving sustainable stakeholder value growth.