Direct Stock Purchase Plan

Ways to Invest in FEMSA

You can invest in FEMSA through our ordinary shares which trade on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV: FEMSAUBD) and through our ADS's which trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: FMX) by going through a broker, or you can purchase ADS's directly from our direct purchase and sale plan with The Bank of New York.

Direct Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Program

FEMSA offers a direct purchase and sale plan, the Global BuyDIRECT Plan, for ADS's with a dividend reinvestment program through The Bank of New York. The Plan allows existing and interested first-time investors to invest in FEMSA ADS's conveniently and economically without having to go through a broker. If you are not a registered ADS holder, initial enrollment can be made by investing at least US$200.

Key features include:

New Investors can make their initial purchase directly through The Bank of New York as Transfer Agent for FEMSA, and Administrator for the Global BuyDIRECT Plan.

You may choose to purchase additional ADS's of FEMSA by investing all or a portion of your cash dividends, or alternatively, you may choose to receive cash dividends directly.

Shares will be held in book-entry form. You will receive statements and confirmations reflecting your transaction history. You may, however, request the issuance of physical certificates at any time via a toll-free number, website, or by email.

ADS certificates of FEMSA that you currently hold in physical form may be deposited directly into your Plan account. The Bank of New York will credit these ADS's to your Plan account in book-entry form. You can withdraw or transfer all or a portion of your ADS's at any time.

All or a portion of your ADS's of FEMSA that are held through the Plan may be sold directly through the Plan without having to issue a certificate.

For More Information

For more information view the Direct Purchase and Sale Plan . Details of the costs and fees are set forth on page 16, 'Costs to Participants.'

Global BuyDIRECT is administered solely by The Bank of New York and not by FEMSA. For further information or to speak directly with a representative from The Bank of New York please contact them using the information provided below.

Global BuyDIRECT
BNY Mellon Shareowner Services
PO Box 358516
Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8516
Phone: 1-888-BNY-ADRS (U.S. Toll free)
+1-201-680-6825 (International)